Roles and responsibilities


The chair is leading the Group. The chair is responsible for announcing the meetings in the Open Data Product Initiative project under Open Initiative.


Groups can have also co-chair, who acts on behalf of the chair in case of the chairpersonabsence of chair person.


Observer is an individual person who can participate activities such as meetings, but has no voting rights. Observer does not have rights to raise issues to the meeting agenda. However, they have a voice in meetings to express opinions and viewpoints.


Contributor is anyone:

  • raising issues to the specification

  • making pull request to the specification or Governance model


Member refers to individuals in the groups of Open Data Product Initiative. The Groups are defined in the Governance model (this document)

Strategy Group (SG)

Strategy Group is a permanent part of the Governance. It defines the strategy for ODPS, oversees the releases, maintains the Governance model, can invite individuals to Strategy Group.

Technical Steering Committee (TSC)

TSC is responsible for the specification development. It controls the lifecycle of the specification including releases.

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