Governance of Open Data Product Specification

How Open Data Product Specification development is governed

Why do we need governance?

Adopting a governance model and drawing up a project governance document as early as possible is critical for the creation of a successful open development project. A successful open development project needs to be welcoming to those who are likely to contribute in a way that improves project sustainability while preventing those with incompatible needs from wasting their own time and that of the project team in fruitless engagements with the project.

In order to be effective, a governance document needs to be concise, accessible, and easy to refer to. It should focus on the main aspects of the decision-making structure and mechanism but needs to be flexible enough to address the increasing complexity associated with the growth of its community and interaction with the external world.

The above summarizes the need for this document.

How to contribute

We welcome all contributions, but you need to follow the given process and guidelines. Read more from Contributions


Consistent versioning drives adoption

Controlled releases

Our release model and related processes are described in the Decision-making processes section

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